Why Trekkers Zone

Why Trekkers Zone

Why Trekkers Zone For Best Price and Value for Natural Trekking, Cultural Tours and Adventurous Trips. We offers Holiday with Local Guide, Liable Travel Ethos. As a result we offers Holidays in Cheap and Best price in this competitive markets. In a conclusion Trekkers Zone work closely with our subordinates to offers quality holidays in Nepal, Bhutan, India and many more countries.

The Best Price & Value

Trekkers Zone Best Price Trekking in Nepal and beyond with Local Guides, Nature love, liable Travel Ethos in Cheap Trekking in Nepal. Trekkers Zone operate all the Holidays around Himalayas with base in Kathmandu Thamel, Nepal. We work close with the local people to benefit not only them.  It must needed to give our all clients the best value for their money, accountability to us to make fair pay for the ground support form the local. As we grow as a responsible to Fair Trade from our customers, operational, subordinates and ground support team. As a result Trekkers Zone offers Cheap Trekking & Adventure in Nepal & more countries.

Trekkers Zone Have Customized Trip For Everyone

Trekkers Zone learn from experiences that each and every travelers or explorer have different expectation interest and dreams of their kind. Although Every Trips we had have unique Feature But we consumable all this as your need on your request we are able to add or less the duration, Adventurer, cultural experience, thrill and more. Furthermore  Trekkers Zone comes with cheap and uniquely customized cheap trekking in Nepal and beyond. As a result you will get the first hand crafted cheap trekking and adventure packages for Nepal and Beyond.

Trekkers Zone Use Local Guides & International Leaders

Most noteworthy we are justly proud of our guides and enjoy a special relationship with them all. As well as being professional and attentive, our hand-picked local guides for their experiences with The Himalayas, Culture, Traditional and Costume. Along this we have International Leaders form United State, Poland, Finland, Spain and Australia to drive all our valuable guests for high quality services with flexibility, better communication  in  Fixed Departure of Trekking and Tours. Our Mixed team are committed to making the experience one you will never forget.

TZ are Himalayan Experts

As you know TZ is based on the lap of Mighty Himalayas, Nepal The country of Mt. Everest. But we proudly say that we have our different ground operational in other 3 different Himalayan country: Bhutan,  Tibet and India. Each of these are mystique and rich culture, but they share Hindu and Buddhist tradition, got different histories, countries you must experience not to see.These landscapes are notoriously hard to navigate alone as an independent traveler, So we are here as we announced “A HIMALAYAN EXPERT”

Trekkers Zone Care About Nature

Because we love our job, we have the amazing adventure team to work for us, We love to work with in our office “HIMALAYAS ” “NATURE” ”CULTURE”, For  this we follow the Responsible travel, Love the gift of nature, respect their culture; wherever you are from the Mighty Himalayas to Mystic Indian fortes, from Tibetan Plateaus to Bhutanese Monasteries. We make your memories forever.

Trekkers Zone Have Responsible Travel Ethos

Trekkers Zone are passionate about making a positive experience  in the extraordinary countries you visit. It is impossible to return from one of our trips without carrying a little part of those experiences in your heart, so we act responsibly in every aspect of our business – Learning from our guest’s experiences, respecting local culture and costumes, to provide invaluable training to our staffs and supporting local initiatives.  In conclusion Trekkers Zone are proud to the the way towards the Responsible Tourism.

Trekkers Zone have Repeat / Referral Business

Due to repeated and referral adventure trekking we care for our guests. Hence we are not global giant company.  Where they spend lots of fund for fancy advertising in the global market through Internet as well broadband services. We are local company based in Nepal with its Mighty Himalayas. We  got 70% our business is either Repeated client or Referral. This doesn’t mean we do not care about new client. Consequently  this helps us to give the Best Price and Value for all our subordinates.

Trekkers Zone listen, Respond & Care

Tell us what you want and well do our best to make it happen. Whether you’re thinking about making a trip with us. In addition if you’ve just come back, we positively encourage feedback from our guests. Furthermore we are continually striving to improve the quality of your travel experiences and keep things fresh and up to date.

Have A Group Trekkers Zone Can Help

Have any groups ? Whether Educational or Volunteering, Whether Researcher or medias, Trekkers or climbers, Trekkers Zone is here for you just in your click. Please give us a opportunity to work for you. Trekkers Zone customized or organized programs  as your need with full affects of our land; Nepal and outside Nepal just as you ask. If you’re an individual traveler we can arrange for you as your need or can join our fixed departure groups.