Every tours section of TZ is involved of  Arts/culture, Religion/Festivals, Nature/Adventure, Meditation / Yoga, archeological/ Historical sites, Relax able/ Enjoyable activities, and more as you knock our door  of TZ.
Basically tours are multi days programs weather it goes to the Himalayan praise Nepal, Experience-able countries India, Thunder Dragon Bhutan or Roof of the World Tibet.
On comparison of Trekking, Tours are easiest but some tours might give you sore body, Sandy and dust………. as our Camel Safari Tours in India, Jungle safari of Nepal’s National park and so on. So her we cauterized Tours in 2 sections ADVENTURER  and ENJOYABLE.

We used different modes of transportation from Road to Rail, Boat to Bus, from flight to Cable car as the ground availability or interest of you.When you claim one of TZ’s tour package you will go one supporting staffs on every point of you expect, English speaking Tours guide in Religious / Archaeological / Historical sites, as well as English speaking Meditation and Yoga teacher for you to help make you clean your mind and lighten your body.

Most of the Accommodation made to 3* Lodges on BB Basis On twin sharing (Expect Chitwan and Bardia National Park “ Here you get full Board”).

Each of our itineraries are classical. we will customized all these package as your Needs.