Things To Do In Kathmandu

Top 10 Things to do in Kathmandu

Most of the trekkers take our suggestion and take 1-2 spear days in Kathmandu. This is must because of unreliable flight schedule with High Himalayas Weather. This section will prevent you to Getting bored on your extra days in Kathmandu. Here are the Top 10 Things to do in Kathmandu which will make your Nepal Tour Complete and worthful.

Mountain Flight

The Mighty Himalayas, a rugged Mystical natural beauty. A region of stark grandeur, of the glacier- hung peaks, a sublime vista where the earth touches the sky, where the stars in the haven sparkle bright during the night. Perhaps the closest we can ever get to touching paradise. This is haven here on earth! But If you have done any High Himalayas Trek like Everest Base Camp Trek or other please forget this activity, This is not one of the things to do in Kathmandu for you.

Nepal is holy mountainous, a parts from the narrow street of lowland, the Terai, which merges in to the vast genetics plains of northern India. Ranging from around 18000-over 29000 ft (5500-8800m) in height, the greatest mountain range in the world sweeps in a vast crescent, miles and miles longs. No other country can rival Nepal’s concentration of high peaks. In the whole world only 14 mountains rise above 26000 ft (8000m), and 8 of these are in Nepal, in addition to these, she also has almost 100 peaks of more than 23000 ft (7000 m). An hour of Breathtaking views from around 25000 ft……

A must take tour of the majestic Himalayas. It’s an hour of breathtaking scenic beauty of the mighty mountains. A sparkling clear journey across the world’s highest peaks, Mt. Everest- “world’s highest” Lhotse, Makalu, Cho-Oyu, To name just of few including the Tibetan plateau. Enjoy from your own private window, a seemingly endless chain of snow cap peaks as you fly above the clouds over glaciers and lakes, rivers and gorges. Clear, non tinted large window offer you a great opportunity to experience and photograph the aerial view of Kathmandu and valley and landscape of Nepal.

World Heritages Sites

Golden Temple Patan Nepal
Golden Temple: Patan, Nepal

There are four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal. Two are in cultural category and two are in natural category.  World Cultural Heritage Sites of Nepal are Lumbini, the birth place of The Buddha, and seven  monuments of Kathmandu valley within a radius of 20 km ( together counted as one Heritage Site ). The World Natural Heritage Sites are Chitwan and Sagarmatha National Parks. Kathmandu valley  World Heritage Site comprises of three Historical places- Kathamndu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar Squares;Two Buddhist stupas – Swayambhunath and Bauddhanath; and two Hindu temples – Pashupatinath and Changu Narayan.  Nepal offers incomparable scope to connoisseurs of art and culture to see and study different aspects of fine art and culture to see and study different aspects of fine arts in its paintings, sculpture, wood carving and architecture.

Bungee Junp

The ultimate thrill of a bungee jump can be experience at one of the best site in the world. Nepal’s bungy jumping site is situated 160 m over the wild river “Bhote Koshi”.  The site is located close to the Nepal- Tibet border at Barahbise and is a three hour bus ride from Kathmandu. A package deal includes the jump, bus ride to the site, and even meals. Nepalese are entitled to a 30% discount. Accommodation and others facilities are available in Barahbise.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is another challenging sport for outdoor lovers. Most of the areas for rock climbing are situated towards the north of Kathmandu Valley in the vicinity of combined with hiking, bird watching, nature tours and other activities. Nagarjun, 3 km from Kathmandu city can be reached via Balaju near the new bus park, Shivapuri, can be reached via Budhanilkantha which is 9 k m away from Kathmandu. If you want to join artificial climbing wall, That available near Trekking Trail Nepal P. Ltd.

Mountain Biking

We focus exclusively on mountain biking in Asia and have been the leading bicycle Tour Company in the region for almost two decades having pioneered the sport in the Himalayas. Our aim – “to offer the best biking experience in the region, and it shows.

Trekking Trail Nepal P. Ltd.  Has lead the way in what people are calling the best mountain biking in the world we have pioneered new and exciting terrain that is used as the bench mark by others.Trekking Trail Nepal P. Ltd  is a dedicated group of cyclists and adventures from Australia, America and Nepal who’ve taken their love of cycling and adventure to a new level!

We’re cyclists just like you, and we’re always looking for new cycling experiences just like you. Asia is a region of countless new experiences, trails and enticing terrain.

Great care is taken who setting the itinerary of Trekking Trail Nepal P. Ltd. Scouting trips decide whether an area has all the needed elements of a great tour (view, culture, safety and great trails). Each itinerary maximizing the exposure to each of those elements. We DO NOT rely on subcontractors we do it all over selves. Someone from we has ridden every tour we offer you’d surprised how many tour companies cannot say that. 21 to 27 gear bicycles are recommended when riding through tough terrain.

Trekking Trail Nepal P. Ltd. Can take you from the Mongolian deserts made famous by Genghis Khan to the beaches and tea fields of Sri Lanka and through to Vietnam plus everywhere in between. Experience wonders of the Hindu and Buddhist culture in Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal and India. Ride in the shadow of the world’s most majestic peak Everest via Mt. Everest Base Camp or within sight of K2. With 1-day or 1- month available let us treat you to a special Himalayan Encounter by mountain bike, that’s fun for everyone.

Here’s a small sample of what’s an offer in the field of Biking as our Discipline, Religion, and Culture.

  1. Yak Tracks of Kathmandu Valley 1 day.

    Unlimited variety of trails to all corners of Kathmandu Valley for the casual to advanced biker. Let us show you the best trails and uncover the secrets of the valley by bike, where there is no better way! Escape the city and find the real Nepal, hidden temple s, shrines and village trails. Trekking Trail Nepal P. Ltd. Ltd. Will design your day based on your own riding needs.

  2. Nagarkot to Bhaktapur 1 day.

    Forget the uphills! Trekking Trail Nepal P. Ltd. Will take you on a downhill dream ride descending more than 2800 ft starting from 7100 ft with glorious Himalayan vistas as for away as Tibet from Nagarkot. Hotel pickup, Shuttle to Nagarkot for breakfast and the ‘Pics of the peaks’ … then mountain bike on selected roads (off-road option) through the terraced hills, fields and villages in Bhaktapur and tour this ancient Kingdom. Tamaudhi square for lunch and safely returned by van to your hotel.

  3. Daman to Naubise 2 days.

    This 2 days adventure tour out of Kathmandu valley which transports you to 8165 ft offering the most scenic location for a full length 200 km panoramic view of the Himalayas. Stay over and on Day 2 we make 51 km and 5060 ft decent to Naubise and than deliver you to back to Kathmandu. Provided: support van, food and accommodation, guide and bike all included. A 2 day adventure not to be missed.

  4. Kathmandu valley Rim Tour 3-10 days.

    This mountain biking epic will give you an extended tour of the Kathmandu biking epic will give you an extended tour of the Kathmandu valley weaving your way through local villages, all bountiful in color, culture, history and religious content.

  5. Mountain Tails Tiger Tales- 5 days.

    Departing from Kathmandu valley, we bike to Daman, downhill to Hetauda and then to tropical lowlands of Royal Chitwan National Park and finish with the wildlife safari.

  6. Others:
  • Discover Pokhara Valley 1-5 days.

  • Annapurna Full Circuit 18 days.

  • Upper Mustang (Hidden Kingdom).

  • Multi Adventure Tours (Bike, Raft and Safari) 6-10 Days.

  • Lhasa Kathmandu (all inclusive) 16-23 days.

  • Mt Kailash Pilgrimages Tour 28-32 day

  • Ride the Thunder Dragon – Bhutan 7-16 days.

  • Mystical India Tour – Sikkim and Darjeeling 10-14 days.

  • Laddakh by Bike 18 Days.

Getting Around in Kathmandu to Kill your Spare Day

Metered taxis are easily recognizable by the taxi sigh and black registration plates and can be hailed off the street. Micro buses and battery run EV Tempos cheaper than taxis are also available. Little tip is expected. There are regular bus services within the three cities of Kathmandu valley operating from old bus terminal Ratna Park. Similarly, Scheduled bus services for outside the valley operate from the Gongabu Bus Terminal. It is also possible to hire mountain or mother bikes at nominal rates.