Beyond Nepal

Beyond Nepal

Trekkers Zone offers our enthusiast adventure traveller the trips around the world. This Beyond Nepal is the unique section, that we prepare for our guest as god to make easier to explore Nature Culture and Adventure. As a result we can provide Climbing to Malaysia, Trekking in New Zealand, Bhutan Trekking, SriLanka Tours, India Tours , As well Tibet Tours  and Travel deals to Middle east, Kilimanjaro Climb and Hike and Asia Pacific. Not limit to this, We offer the luxury Trekking and Hiking in Colorado, USA. When can choose Tours / Trekking / Adventure around with World Trekkers Zone.

Trekkers Zone not only stick with our fixed itineraries  on cross countries. So Trekkers Zone comes with Beyond Nepal.  We are here to fulfill your unmatched expectation to explore 2/3 countries as your single trip plan in different way. We can add different adventure, culture and nature to your travel program  as your need in each countries to make a unique holidays experience for you. WELCOME TO NEPAL WITH TREKKERS ZONE

More About Nepal

Nepal offers the ultimate mountain country. Go for gold and head out on the high-octane paths to Everest or take a slower pace to explore the Himalayas and its breathtaking scenery. In Kathmandu find Buddhist monks praying at tiny temples or discover ornate stupas in the valley, dotted around World Heritage sights like jewels in a crown.

Mt Everest 8848m
Mt Everest 8848m

It is difficult to match Nepal for dramatic scenery. Home to the world-famous, 8,848 meter high Mount Everest, it is a completely dominated by the Himalayan range. It has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley alone due to its ancient temple or palace complexes that display extraordinary craftsmanship. The Nepalis’ complex blend of religious beliefs and traditions is reflected in the exquisite thanga, gold-painted stupas and intricate carvings seen at every turn.

Up in the hills around Kathmandu are the lovely rural retreats of Dhulikhel and Nagarkot, perfect two-night escapes from the city. Further west, by the serene Phewa Tal Lake and dominated by the sacred and unclimbed Fishtail Mountain. Hence Pokhara is the adventure capital of Pokhara. To the south, on the grass plains of the Terai.  Chitwan National Park, where visitors go on elephant-back rides in search of tigers or one-horned rhinos. The holy town of Lumbini, with its famous bodhi tree, is the reputed birthplace of Buddha and is a great pilgrimage site.


This mango-shaped island is a bountiful and spirited nation overflowing with natural and cultural wonders – from the cool Tea Country and Cultural Triangle in the country’s interior to the curvaceous caramel sands on the coast. The 17th century Dutch walled fort town of Galle is described by some as the St. Tropez of Asia and Yala National Park is one of the best wildlife destinations outside of Africa.

More About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tours with Trekkers Zone
Sri Lanka Tours with Trekkers Zone

Sri Lanka is one of God’s own places, matching great natural beauty with beautiful manmade creations. Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka’s relatively small size belies its enormously varied landscape. Our Sri Lanka tours can take you from dense jungles home to shy leopards and wild elephants to empty golden beaches. From monasteries and temples peopled by saffron-clad monks to cool, misty mountains contoured with tea and dotted with the bright saris of pickers. Choose from colonial history, the legacy of the Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa, Dambulla and Anuradhapura. Which form the Cultural Triangle, old capital of Kandy and the hill station of Nuwara Eliya.

Sri Lankans are incredibly warm and friendly, and bright smiles are everywhere – don’t be surprised if a stranger invites you home for tea or to a family meal – it’s quite normal! One of the best things about a Sri Lanka itinerary is that, due to its small size nothing is very far from anything else; it is possible to spend the morning in the hills watching the tea pickers, the afternoon at an ancient Buddhist temple and the evening eating seafood beside a romantic sandy beach.


Fantastically alluring and mysterious, yet tinged with a sombre past, Cambodia can be a tricky nut to crack for travelers. Ampersand’s expert guidance we can make sure you see the best she has to offer. It covers  the world’s most atmospheric temples shrouded by jungle at Angkor Wat, to a new top-class eco-luxe island retreat. Beach holidays of Cambodia are stunning, with palm-fringed white sands that are far less touristed than neighboring Thailand.

Cambodia is still finding its feet after over 30 years of turmoil initiated by the Vietnam War and prolonged by the Khmer Rouge. Who wished to create a peasant-led, agrarian cooperative and killed one in five Cambodians trying.

Combodia Tours With Trekkers Zone
Cambodia Tours With Trekkers Zone

Cambodia’s landscape is a blend of rice paddies, sugar palm plantations and remote jungles. While most visitors come to see the marvels of Angkor Wat. In addition Cambodia offers plenty of natural beauty for those willing to explore.

More About Cambodia

Bordering the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest, Cambodia has some lovely remote beaches, while the north and northeast are mountainous. Life in Cambodia has always revolved around two great bodies of water. The Mekong River and Tonle Sap Lake. To the south of Tonle Sap Lake is the capital, Phnom Penh. Which retains its faded French colonial splendor.  Covered with wide, tree-lined boulevards and impressive architecture set amongst the busy traffic and commerce of an emerging Asian city.

The official religion in Cambodia is Theravada Buddhism. However, until the 13th Century, Hinduism – introduced by Indian invaders – was the religion of the Angkor Kingdom. Since the Khmers believed in “god-kings” and built their religious sites to worship them. Located to the north of the Tonle Sap and in various stages of disrepair.  Since these once majestic temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and quite deservedly so.

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This long sliver of a country provides memories you won’t easily forget. From your first bowl of delicious steaming pho to gliding past the mysterious rocky outcrops aboard a junk on Halong Bay. Busy cities from north to south provide a fascinating glimpse into Vietnam’s history, whilst islands such as Phu Quoc offer a stunning beach break.


This gorgeous country curves in a thin and elegant S-shape down the eastern side of the Indo- Chinese peninsula. Since it stretches almost 2,000 kilometres from the Gulf of Tonkin down to the Mekong Delta. As a result  with you will get unrivaled run of sandy beaches.

Hence northern Red River Delta is the cradle of Vietnamese culture and home to the ancient city of Hanoi. Due to its combination of broad tree lined boulevards and narrow alleyways packed with goods. To the east of Hanoi, on the Bay of Tonkin, is Halong Bay, where limestone outcrops soar out of the morning haze to create breathtaking vistas. Along the northwest border with China and Laos. There are lush, mountainous areas such as Sapa where many of Vietnam’s colorful indigenous tribes live. The mountains widen out to form the Central Highlands, often referred to as the backbone of Vietnam. While colonial town of Dalat is on a plateau in the highlands. It surrounded by lakes, forests, waterfalls and an abundance of flora. While most of the coast is fringed with white sandy beaches, beautiful bays and fishing villages.

More About Hoian

Hoian is a dreamy backwater port on the central coast. Full of peaceful wooden shophouses, and further inland over the Hai Van Pass is Hue, the Nguyen imperial city.  Furthermore The beaches of Vietnam along Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and the beautiful island of Phu Quoc are perfect for relaxation. The Mekong Delta in the south of the country is the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam. This is home to women in conical hats, floating markets. Where fruit and vegetables are piled high on wooden boats – and brilliant patchworks of rice paddy. Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) buzzes with energy; it is a city that never sleeps, where French colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers jostle for space. As a result Vietnam is moving forward; the north and south reunified in 1986 and the government began to relax its rigid centralist control. Although both regions still tend to preserve their distinct identities.

So Come and Join Trekkers Zone Beyond Nepal for adventure holidays of Vietnam.