Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities in Nepal

Few destination in the world can match Nepal the variety of the world-class experience,  be it mountaineering, trekking mountain biking, natures tours, culture tours, pilgrim tours, white-water-rafting, canyoning (cascading ), kayaking, canoeing, mountain flights, pony trekking, jungle safari, bird watching, fishing/angling, paragliding, ultra-light aircraft ride, buggy jumping; Nepal have all. Special interest tours like orchid tours,  culture trek, village tours, cave tours, snow leopard and blue sheep trek and other kinds of ours are carried out for selected group throughout the year. For your own planned adventure in Nepal, please CONTACT US

Mountaineering – Adventure with Himalayas

Firstyly we starts with High Himalayas. With Eight of the highest peak int he world, including Mt. Everest, it is hardly surprising that Nepal has been the stage for some of the most outstanding achievements int he world of mountaineering. the Dauntless icy peaks have since decades challenged the bodies and spirits of  the daring ones. All inquiries and arrangements for expeditions have to be made well in advance at the department of tourism, Bhirkutimandap, Kathmandu.

Rafting and Kayaking – Water Adventure

Nepal has been famous as one of the best countries in the world for white water rafting and kayaking, you can glide on clam grade of water with the magnificence of scenery all around of rush through the roaring white rapids through tropical jungle with snowcapped peaks at the distance and enjoying the colorful flora and fauna and the typical village life of the Nepalese people for the robber raft.

The turbulent Himalayan Rivers are the most exciting for rafting. The longer rivers trips offers the best range of scenery and rapids and most of the long trips take from 8- 12 days with lots of time rafting in the wilderness for the purpose of commercial rafting Sapta kosi river system (east Nepal) Narayani of Sapta-gandaki river system (Centeral Nepal) and Karnali rivers system (west Nepal) eight rivers on these three are open for tourist for rafting and they are.

Above all Trisuli is the most popular river for rafting followed by Sun kosi. Trisuli has been very popular because of its easy accessibility by road as well as it can be manage to end at a place where a wildlife tour begins. This river begins in the Himalaya north of Kathmandu and follows southeast.

Jungle Safari – Adventure with Wildlife

The Tropical jungles of Nepal’s Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent. Jungle safaris on elephant back or jep rides are offered at Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Bardia National Park, Royal Chitwan National Park and Shukla Phanth Wildlife Reserve, all located in Terai. The best time to visit the Terai is during winter months when weather is more temperate. A wild range of tourist facilities are available in and around the areas.

At Royal Chitwan National Park just a 25 minute flight or 5 hours drive from Kathmandu of Pokhara plus extremely exciting white water rafting site and you will find yourself in the most enchanting sub tropical jungle. Royal chitwan national park is one of the best National Park of Asia, with the occupancy of 932 S.Q km. In it you will discover the lost world per-historical rhinoceros, magnificence Royal Bengal tiger, towering trees and twisting rivers with dream like Tharus tribal villages at its fingers.

Adventure Activities in Chitwan National Park

It contents slightly more than 500 one horn rhinoceros , approximately 90 royal Bengal trigger , leopards , sloth bears, wild bison, tripe hyena , genetic dolphin and estimate 47 species of mammals over 500 species  of birds, 150 spices of butterflies , 74 species of reptiles , 126 species of fish in the park it is also the habitat nears extinct Gharials ( crocodile).

Most importantly here are about of 90 spices of aquatic life including mesh  (crocodile) the world here is wild and enchanting where even now you can feel the sprite of the time of great explorer this 932 sq km, parks also holds a place as a world heritage site by the UNESCO.

Check Our Chitwan National Park Activities

Royal Chitwan National Park consists of a diversity of eco system including Churia hills Ox-blow Lake and the flood plains of the Rapti Rivers and the Narayani River the churia hills rise slowly towards the east from 150 meters to more than 806 meters. The western portion of park is comprise of the lower but more rugged some shower hill the park shares its eastern boundary with the Parsa wildlife reserve

On the other hand, Chitwan valley consists of topical and sub-tropical forest; Sal forest covers 70% of the park. People use leaves of Sal tree to make plates in Hindu’s festivals and religious programs.

Paragliding: A Air  Adventure in Nepal

Paragliding is the simplest form of aviation known to men and the simplest way to fulfill mankind’s oldest dream:  FREE FLIGHT!! A glider has no engine, is easy to transport, lunch and land: you launch yourself off a gentle slope facing into the wind, As the inflatable wing comes above you, it starts lifting, a few steps and you are in air born. Most people are surprised by how quiet and peaceful this experience is. Even the fear of Heights is seldom an issue, as there is no sensation of falling.

So and if the idea of floating comfortably in the clouds appeals to you

Adventure Activities  Possible with Paragliding


You learn how to launch and grounded-handle the Paraglide. Tandem flight introduces you to the air where you are steering under the direct guidance of an instructor .Small flights build up your confidence, and then you start your high solo flight under radio guidance and go Freedom of the Sky.

Duration: up to 10 days.

Para Trek – for the Experienced Pilot.

Combination of trekking and paragliding for experienced pilots only. Away from civilization, soaring above meandering rivers, breathtaking valleys, and experience ancient, culturally rich and diverse, remote villages. As we fly up toward the cloud an eagle or a hawk will join us on our wing tip.

Duration: up to 4 days.

Tandem Flights.

Tendem flying means a trained pilot flying with a passenger no previous training or experience. Two separate harnesses are connect to the wing. The paragliding harness is specially design for comfort and safety. Sit back, Relax, take pictures and enjoy the freedom of Soaring through the Sky with a bird’s eye view! You can even learn how to steer the glider- if you wish.

We offer 2 different Tandem flights: 

Phewa Lake and Mountain Panoramic view.

25 minutes jeep drive takes us to our take off in Sarangkot located 1600 m. above sea level. We take off down the slope, soaring upwards on the air current. An incomparably stunning panorama view of the Himalayas and below us lush tropical jungles. Additional to this, thundering, rivers terraced hills and remote valleys. We land by Phewa Lake.

Hunting – Most Expensive Adventure in Nepal

Hunting is possible in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in the west Nepal, however you need hunting Liscence. Dhorpatan is a prime habitat of blue sheep, Ghoral, serow, Himalayan thar, black bear, Pheasant and partridge. Endangered species here are chir Pheasant and Red Panda. Hunting is allowed only after acquiring licensee from the department of National Park and wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu. Dhorpatan is four days treks from bag lung which is 72 km from Pokhara. The best time to visit Dhorpatan is February to April and August through October. Accommodation is normal as home stay with local food by our company. To organized hunting activities please CONTACT US.